Rule #113- Learn Through Listening

As a manager, it’s imperative that you step back occasionally and just listen. By listening to your team members, you can discover small issues plaguing team members that can easily be alleviated before they balloon, and you can also learn about new ideas and strategies that your employees have that may make a substantial difference for your organization once implemented. Additionally, when you listen to both employees and customers, it establishes a strong sense of trust and loyalty that can lead to both employee and client retention.

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Rule #77 - Training as an Investment

Hiring an employee is a form of an investment. Whether they’re part time or full time, you’re betting that they will generate revenue for your business, and therefore be worth more than what you’re paying them. But what are you doing to build up your investment?

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Rule #67 - Your #1 Asset

Your top asset in your company isn’t your money- it’s your employees. Your team determines how successful your company will become, and therefore the amount of revenue your company accrues each year. With this in mind, it’s pivotal that as an employer, you hire employees based on culture fit within your business in order to leverage your asset. It’s also essential that you work to retain your workers by differentiating your business model and corporate culture from competitors, providing mentoring or additional training for your employees, and establishing a beneficial manager-employee relationship.

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