Redmon’s Rule #123 – Know and Live Your Mission Statement

There are two very specific questions every organization must ask. Who are our customers and what is our core competency?

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Rule #93 - Occupy Your Brand

A brand is more than a slick logo or snappy tagline. It's the sum total of how someone perceives your organization. In short, it's your reputation. A brand is influenced by customers, employees, news articles, social media, your CEO and the receptionist in the front lobby. Everything your company does either enhances or diminishes your brand. Ensure everyone understands your brand and how to communicate it.

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Rule #82 - You Are Your Most Important Product

Have a clear sense of why your customers are your customers. Is it your product, your pricing, or your personality? Tangibles like product or pricing could be fleeting. A competitor could come up with something better. But if you cultivate customers based on who you are personally, their loyalty will be longer lasting.

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