Sequestration: How do you find the right industry partner?


Sequestration is here.  Many Federal agencies are still trying to figure out what to tighten amid massive budget cuts.

So how do you keep functioning at current levels, or even do more with less? There are solutions available to help you meet your mission, avoid high overhead costs, and help manage projects on time, on schedule, and within budget.

Locate the right industry partner.

Not just any industry partner – one that has highly-experienced and dedicated employees with a wide range of skills.  A partner with employees who are just as committed to doing what is right as you are, and are able to support your enterprise-wide efforts while still minimizing overhead costs.

Here are 3 ways to know you’re choosing the right industry partner.

  • Is their organization flat or hierarchal?   Organizations with many layers all too often have the highest cost.  Who do you think is paying for all those executive salaries?  Yes, your agency.  Ask what type of business model they possess.
  • Does the organization offer enterprise-wide solutions? A one stop shop is not only cost effective – but allows you to accomplish more with less.  One partner who can assist with all of your agency’s projects allows for faster ramp up time.   They already know your organization – and have a diverse staff able to fulfill all of your obligations.
  • Is the staff dedicated to the partner’s mission?  This may seem like a hard thing to determine – but really it’s not.  Simply ask to speak with a few of the employees who will be working on the project.  By asking targeted questions – you can determine if the employee is dedicated to the mission.  Even determine how enthusiastic they are to begin work. 

You may not be able to control how the politicians behave – but you can control how your agency responds.  Any questions?  Contact our office (703-347-6177) or ( for more targeted ways to determine you’re choosing the right industry partner.



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