Streamlining The Facility Management Function

Facility management operates best when it is as optimized and streamlined as possible. Because facility management impacts every level of an organization's operations, the better the facility management is, the easier it is for the business itself. But streamlining facility management is easier said than done: it requires a thorough analysis of the facility's operations and often the care and attention of third-party consultancy services.

Automate Services and Invest in "Smart" Services

Facilities today can virtually manage themselves, as long as they are setup to do so. A facility today is able to manage its own utility services and basic needs, by investing in automation and smart services. This has two major side effects. Automation saves on money, because it reduces the amount of resources that a facility requires. Automation also reduces administrative costs, as it reduces the amount of tasks the facility personnel need to manage daily. Because of this, automated services generally pay for themselves. They also make facilities more attractive and comfortable for tenants.

Follow the Correct Metrics

When you're trying to improve anything about a facility, it's important to both collect and analyze the correct metrics. Your organization is going to need to know exactly what information it has to follow, or it isn't going to be able to determine whether its initiatives are working. In a "green" project, for instance, you might try to follow the amount of energy that your facility is using. This makes the process of optimization and refining very easy: you know if your monthly energy amounts go down, that your initiatives are working. If they do not, you need to change your projects. For other types of metrics, such as productivity, the actual numbers tracked can become quite complex and may require the use of a specialist.

Listening to Your Employees and Clients

Keeping open lines of communication is incredibly important for the process of facility management. Often, those who experience the facility in day-to-day operations may have more of value to say than those who are trying to optimize the facility from outside. Employees and clients will often have extremely important ideas about how the facility can be better managed, and it's up to the facility itself to consider these ideas and see whether they can fit into a comprehensive action plan. Perhaps even more importantly, employees and clients will also be able to direct the facility towards initiatives that may actually be inhibiting the client's ability to peacefully enjoy their space.

As noted, a third-party consultancy is almost always necessary for a facility to truly optimize its operations. This is where SAMS can help. Strategy and Management Services has been providing facility management for a select clientele for many years, including top down and bottom up facility management streamlining. Contact SAMS today to learn more about further improving your organization's facility management strategies.

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