Skills to Succeed in Facility Management

Whether you're a newly hired facility manager or simply looking to brush up upon your skills, the art of facility management can be deceptively fast-paced and difficult to master. Facility management encompasses everything about the physical assets of an organization, requiring superb resource management and interpersonal skills.

Being As Prepared and Knowledgeable as Possible

From the very beginning, a facility manager needs to be well-acquainted with the lease and the facilities. Newly hired managers need to review all their contracts, become accustomed to their vendors, and be aware of the building's systems. The facility should be thoroughly reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in working order and properly maintained. Facility managers should also be knowledgeable about the future goals of the business and the facility, and should prepare for upgrades and transitions.

Being Able to Multi-Task

Because facility managers are responsible for so many aspects of a business, they need to be able to easily multi-task. Multi-tasking does not come to everyone and for some people it's extremely detrimental to their thought processes. To multi-task better, a facility manager needs to be exceptionally well-organized. Keeping consistent notes, prioritizing all tasks, and working on a task one-by-one is actually the best way to manage multiple important initiatives.

Being Able to Connect to the Community

A facility manager needs to be able to get their entire community on board with initiatives, such as energy cost initiatives. That means that facility managers need to have exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills. A facility manager will often operate as a third-party moderator between the building occupants and their vendors, and may also be called upon to negotiate and enforce contracts. A facility manager will need to maintain positive relationships between all parties.

Being Aware of Safety and Regulations

It isn't just enough to make sure that everything is in operating order. A facility manager also needs to make sure everything is up to safety and regulations. This can mean running air quality tests, managing and maintaining HVAC systems, and more. Facility managers are encouraged to undergo training to make sure they are current in modern standards of both safety and maintenance.

Being Able to Plan Ahead

A facility manager's role isn't just to make sure that the system is working. They also need to plan ahead to make sure that they can anticipate the needs of their occupants and facilitate their growth. This requires a detailed knowledge of the trends in facility management and the newest methods of managing inventory and infrastructure. A facility manager must always be learning and should be attending both continuing education and new industry seminars.

Being a facility manager is an extraordinarily complex but rewarding experience. If you believe that you excel as a facility manager, consider contacting SAMS now. SAMS is always looking for talented, innovative individuals to join their facility management team.

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