The Path to Workplace Diversity

Funabulism – from the Latin funs, meaning “rope”, plus ambulare, meaning “to walk.  It’s the skill we know as tightrope walking.  And much like the celebrated Flying Wallendas, today’s acquisition teams, human resources departments and staffing professionals are performing this amazing feat of agility as they walk the thin rope between helping to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace for their organizations and attracting high-quality candidates to staff positions at all levels.

Finding your balance

In 2015, a white paper on talent acquisition trends by Qualigence, the largest recruitment research firm in the U.S., estimated that 60% of new jobs created would require skills that only 20% of the population had.  While a report published the same year by the American Society for Training and Development cited that 76% of all U.S. jobs would require highly skilled workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Faced with these trends, how do you staff your organization with people who have the right skill sets to get the job done?  Finding the right balance takes focus, commitment and adept leadership abilities at every level of an organization.  It’s easy to see diversity as a collection of federal, state and local policies to be implemented, or as a set of training programs designed to boost your employees’ awareness of cultural nuances.  Workplace diversity is not just a sound business practice, it’s strategic.  Research supports the notion that organizations that strive to be more innovative are more likely to succeed by capitalizing on the unique skills and toolsets that a diverse workforce offers.

What about being Agile?

In the last decade, agility has emerged as the highest priority for organizations offering workplace services and infrastructure. By continuously improving a company’s infrastructure and implementing new technologies to streamline workflow processes, organizations are – the theory goes – better positioned to respond to the evolving challenges of the marketplace. An even more powerful formula for success is making diversity an integral part of your business operations.  Adopting a people-centric approach that focuses on building a broader talent base can lead to more efficiency, creativity and productivity across your entire organization.

At SAMS, our expertise is rooted in the diverse backgrounds of our employees. Thirty-seven percent of our employees are women, 65% are minorities, and 75% are veterans and veteran family members.  Like the organizations and communities we serve, we see diversity as an asset that strengthens our ability to make a difference.  If you need best-fit staffing solutions, including security cleared professionals, contact SAMS today.

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