Why You Need a Project Management Office

Do you really need a project management office? While it can be tempting to avoid this (especially for small business owners), project management is an essential way of streamlining and controlling day-to-day operations. Project managers ensure that services and products are fulfilled, adding an exceptional amount of value to a business.

Projects Need Accountability

A project management office creates a centralized location through which information about each project is collected and shared. This provides a far greater level of accountability and tracking. Businesses and decision makers will always know when projects are falling behind or what projects may need to be completed. Further, project management offices will be able to determine the individual performance of project managers, and will be able to determine whether there could be issues with certain projects and teams.

Creating Consistent Projects

Project management offices don't just track projects; they also create a consistent, predictable framework through which projects should actually be completed. This makes it far easier for employees to meet their goals and deadlines. They will know exactly what steps have to be performed and a company culture can be created through these procedures. Employees will also be able to check in with the central office for the necessary support when they aren't certain of the next step.

Resource Planning With Limited Resources

Project management offices understand the resources that the company has available, in addition to when shared resources will be available. Resource planning is an incredibly important component. Because a project management office has a larger view of the entire company's operations, they will know exactly when and where resources should be applied. They can strategize appropriately and prioritize effectively so that the limited resources can go further.

Fulfilling the Need for Documentation

At the project management office, all of the necessary documentation will be stored regarding each project. Project management offices may be called upon to ensure that past projects were properly completed. They can also compile statistics and data for the purposes of analysis, either to be reported to shareholders or for internal optimization.

Creating and Motivating Initiatives

Finally, the role of a project management office also includes being able to motivate the employees, teams, and individual project managers. The management office is designed to ensure that goals are met, and this can include improving upon employee morale. By providing advice, coaching, and inspiration, the project management office will be able to give employees and teams goals and the tools with which to meet them.

Many businesses are afraid of the additional expense of building out and hiring for a project management office. But a project management strategy doesn't have to be expensive. At SAMS, full project management services can be outsourced to a talented and experienced team of managerial staff. Contact us today to find out more about the project management services that we offer.

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