For the past five years, the SAMS West team has provided operations and program support to CECOM SEC at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. We’ve stayed true to the company motto “exceeding expectations with people who make a difference.”

The team of seventeen employees, led by Jamie Taylor, assist the government in a variety of tasks that include: operations management, project management, administrative duties, technical writing, service area support, and property management. Through endless dedication and perseverance, SAMS West has assisted the government customer through multiple contract awards, a government reorganization, and sequestration. The team has remained solid in its dedication to always put the customer first and do everything to ensure smooth operations continue at CECOM.


The government has constantly praised SAMS West for the dedicated services they continue to provide. SAMS West team members often serve as a liaison between CECOM and several PMs, PDs, and government offices, such as the Army G2. On several occasions, a team member has been called upon to coordinate communication between both government and contractor teams and represent government leadership in various meetings, teleconferences, video teleconferences, and leadership visits between Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) and Ft. Huachuca.


Each team member is paired with a service area lead, project lead, or branch chief with a unique function. Project support includes assisting with scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, and software release support for six projects across 12 software baselines. Service area support includes coverage of test, budget, software release, cybersecurity, Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert (IAVA), domain networks, property management, SharePoint administration, technical editing, and knowledge management. Branch chief support roles include coordination between the service areas, budget, and projects, as well as upper management leads located in APG, Maryland. SAMS West serves as a reliable communication channel for the government and constantly demonstrates their reliability and steadfast support at a moment’s notice. Team members provide backup support for each other when necessary to ensure the government receives seamless support each day.


In addition to the excellent customer support SAMS West provides, the team remains active with SAMS Cares through local community events. SAMS has held several donation drives for the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter and has participated in both Relay for Life, and a variety of law enforcement activities, such as Christmas with a Cop and the annual Sierra Vista Police Department golf tournament, which raises money for the Christmas event. SAMS West cares about the community and is always looking for ways they can help in Sierra Vista and the surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about SAMS’ CECOM contract.


About the Author:

Anthony Ortega, Operations Analyst – SAMS West in Ft. Huachuca, AZ, obtained his MBA in Information Technology Management through Capella University and MIS in Information Systems Management through the University of Phoenix and is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Management in Information Systems Technology program through the University of Phoenix. Anthony has over 18 years of experience in the federal government in systems engineering, configuration management, computer science, and operations management. His contribution to the SAMS West team includes assisting the government with IAVA software releases, budget forecasts, release schedules, and coordination between upper management and external stakeholder program managers and program directors.

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