Is Facilities Management Really Necessary?

Facilities Management

Do you come to work every day worrying that your office will have frozen pipes and a lack of heat during the cold winter months, if plugging in your computer will give you an electric shock, or if the ceiling tiles will fall on you at random during an important meeting? Of course not! Such concerns are unnecessary thanks to Facilities Management.

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities Management is the maintenance, management, upkeep, and operations of a building- an aspect that is regularly taken for granted. Facilities Management is essential for the proper operation and maintenance of any property, whether it be an enormous corporate headquarters, a government agency, or a small business. Without Facilities Management, a business or organization cannot properly function.


The wide variety of functions that Facilities Management encompass are essential to daily business operations. Various duties include grounds maintenance, janitorial services, HVAC system repairs and upkeep, preventative maintenance operations, plumbing and electrical repairs, mail delivery, and quality control inspections. Most importantly, Facilities Management is responsible for creating a safe environment with scheduled inspections and is compliant to all regulatory requirements.


Both employee satisfaction and the ease of running a business are increased when Facilities Management is implemented. In addition to creating a comfortable and clean environment, Facilities Management enables operations to run smoothly in a manner that is safe for all. Without it, systems may fail, causing hidden dangers and repairs that will likely become extremely costly, harming both the employee and the company’s bottom line. With Facilities Management, employees and business owners can spend less time worrying, and more time working.


Just like every other aspect of business, there are certainly several challenges faced in regards to Facilities Management. Aging equipment and malfunctioning machines are a common cause for concern. Budget constraints may lead to a lack of inspections and improvements for degrading technology and buildings. Finding and hiring sufficient and qualified staff who can perform all duties internally is an additional obstacle frequently confronted.


A key factor in a high-functioning Facilities Management team is communication with the occupants and a quick response to any concerns they may have. The overall goal is to keep the property safe and comfortable for all so that no individual is placed in harm’s way or in constant worry of their personal safety. Strategy and Management Services (SAMS) has a proven track record at excelling in aiding corporations, government agencies, and small businesses successfully implement Facilities Management. Our current Facilities Management contract of maintaining 4 buildings for GSA at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling is a stellar example. SAMS goes above and beyond the routine Facilities Management by controlling everything from HVAC maintenance and controls, to all plumbing and electrical needs on the Air Force base.


About SAMS

SAMS offers Facilities Support, which includes mailroom and courier services, logistics, records and publications management, security, and warehouse management. Another key capability of SAMS is Building Facility Services, which include building automation engineering, janitorial services, and facilities operations management. In addition to the impressive past performance in Facilities Management displayed by SAMS, the company is able to provide a skilled team of individuals who have security clearances, are licensed professionals, display attention to detail and have quality assurance/quality control capabilities. We are able to hire a team quickly while focusing on providing the highest qualified candidates possible. Contact us today to learn more.


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