Business Process Assessment - Improving Productivity and Functionality

Business processes make up the core of an organization's day-to-day operations. By improving the productivity and functionality of business processes, operations can be streamlined at all levels and overhead can be substantially reduced. All businesses have pockets of inefficiency throughout their current systems. A business process assessment is designed to both reveal and mitigate these inefficiencies.

Analyzing an Enterprise Processes and Applications

Business process assessment begins with a thorough analysis of a company's existing procedures. For many companies, these processes have grown organically. Though there may have been set policies and procedures at one time, they may have been modified by employees until they are indistinguishable from their original forms. Employees tend to go with "what works" rather than what is defined; the business process assessment will locate these areas and mark them for further improvement. A complete business process assessment will include all of the processes and applications of the business from top to bottom.

Reengineering Business Processes

Business process reengineering is a strategic attempt at creating the most effective processes for an organization. Reengineering begins with identifying the least possible work towards the best business outcomes. Often a company's processes become centralized around tasks and their completion instead. This can lead to a feeling of productivity even though resources are being wasted.

Once the analysis of the company's processes has been completed, these processes will be organized based on priority. Each of these processes will be analyzed to find the best and most effective ways of achieving them. This involves a significant amount of resource management, especially in organizations that may be geographically spread out. The organization's work flow will be streamlined and controls will be built into the procedures.

Supporting the Business Process

Of course, once these changes have been initiated the work isn't complete. A strategic partner will not only analyze and reengineer business processes, but will also complete studies to ensure that these processes have been effective. For many organizations, there may be a period of fine-tuning and support, through which the business will need to alter some of their processes for even more efficiency. The partner will also provide support for employees and decision makers throughout the implementation of the plan, to ensure that business operations remain consistent and that no business interruption occurs as a result of the changes.

Nearly every organization can benefit from a periodic business process assessment. As businesses grow and develop, they often lose track of their protocols and procedures. This can have a devastating impact on the overall efficiency and bottom line of the organization. At Strategy and Management Services, complete operations and program support is available for every level of an organization. Through SAMS' business process assessment, your organization can develop the productivity that it needs to increase its revenue, build stability, and continue to expand.

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