Benefits of Having an Established Janitorial Service


Business owners have two choices when it comes to the upkeep of their property: relying upon their employees or hiring an established janitorial service. There are many benefits of having an established janitorial service that far outweigh the initial price. By hiring highly skilled individuals, facilities are kept clean all day, with attention to detail.


Reducing Administrative Time and Overhead

When employees have to pull themselves away from their work to clean their work stations, it pulls them away from vital business operations. Most employees are not as fast and efficient as a professional janitorial crew, so a seemingly short job will take them much longer. After all, they also don't have the professional equipment that a cleaning service would have. Putting the burden of maintaining clean spaces into employees simply increases overhead and reduces the amount of time that they have for other tasks.

Creating a Professional and Polished Environment

Without a cleaning service, the appearance of your office will largely be determined by your office staff. When you're going through a particularly busy season, things may fall behind and the clutter will build up. Some employees may not be very good at keeping an office clean to begin with. By hiring a professional janitorial service, you can make sure that your office is always ready for clients, investors, and business partners... even if they may be dropping in during a particularly hectic time.

Improving Upon Office Health

Accumulation of dust and dirt, and it can lead to lung issues, lowered immune response, and harsh allergies. By regularly cleaning the office with professional cleaning equipment, a janitorial team will be able to keep the dust in check and the air quality high. The air quality can even be tested to make sure that it is within acceptable parameters. Ultimately, this leads to healthier staff members who call out sick less often.

Better Security and Theft ProtectionSAMS_August_week_4.jpg

Cleaning staff are allowed in and out of offices including executive offices and filing rooms and often outside of ordinary business hours. Working with a single janitorial service that provides background checks and a consistent janitorial team, you can rest assured that your offices remain clean and secured.

The major advantage of hiring any professional service is to complete jobs faster, better, and more affordably than they could otherwise be completed by internal staff members. When it comes to janitorial services, a professional crew will be able to keep your offices well maintained at a mere fraction of the time and cost of having your employees complete the work instead. The more you are able to outsource on a day to day level, the more you can ensure that employees are able to focus on profit driven tasks for the success of your business. SAMS offers complete operations, program support, and facilities management, so that your business can concentrate on what's important.